Article Dakenraad nr.111

Discrete and yet secure and safe

When designing a flat or pitched roof there has to taken into account that preforming maintenance in the using phase has to be carry out safe and that there are safety facilities available, according to the new building regulation.

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Building regulations 2012

Since April 2012 there is a new building regulation in which you can find all the important changes of safe maintance of buildings.

Curios about these changes? (Chapter 6 Building regulation: ‘Voorschriften inzake installaties’)

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New website

The team of A&T Save-Up System does not stand still, so we thought it was time for a new and improved website!

The site offers a wide range of information, not only about the system but of the whole proces of fall protection and everything that is linked to working safe on heights.

We would like to wish you a pleasant and informative stay on our website and when you miss something, please let us know: Contact

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