CE and Preformance

Recently it has become mandatory for many industrial products to have a CE-marking and Declaration of Performance, within the EU. So of course the A&T Save-Up System has also formulated a CE-marking and a Declaration of Performance (DoP). Both can be read and downloaded here below. This label indicates that the fall protection system meets the European legal requirements in behalf of safety, health and environment.

Download (PDF, 286KB)

Bituminous roofing

A common base to make a flat roof is with bitumious roofing. Trough a leaden plate, the A&T Save-Up System is concealed waterproof, with skill, in this kind of roofing.

PVC roofing

The A&T Save-Up System is of course also applicable on a flat roof with PVC.
Below you’ll find pictures of a project were which it is applied in practice.


By using a leaden cover piece, it is very simple to build the A&T Save-Up System into a slate roof.


The A&T Save-Up System can be intergrated in every kind of roofing material, so synthetic reed isn’t a problem! A adapater has been developed for bigger roofing packages, which makes the system suited for sizes up to 290mm.

Reference project fall protection synthetic reed:

2 residential towers with synthetic reed at Leusden 

At this project the system is used successfully with one of the newest kind of roofing material: synthetic reed.

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